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Treating Asthma in Children

Treating Asthma in Children

With certified asthma educators on staff at Advanced Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Care, we specialize in treating adult and pediatric patients with asthma.

The prevalence of asthma in the United States increased at an annual rate of 1.4% during the period of 2001-2010 (1). According to the 2014 National Health Interview Survey, the prevalence of asthma in children was almost 6.3 million (2). The goal of treating asthma is to prevent exacerbations, reduce emergency room visits or hospitalizations, maintain normal activity levels, and prevent school absences.

Your child’s pediatrician may refer your child for an asthma evaluation or you can pursue an asthma evaluation in our office as a self-referral. If your child has been treated with asthma medications several times in the past, it may mean that she or he has asthma. When you bring your child to our office in Jupiter or Palm City, we will first obtain a detailed history and perform a thorough physical examination. We will then perform pulmonary function tests if your child is six years old or older. The lung capacity and forced expiratory volume measurements will guide the treatment plan. The next step will be to identify any environmental allergens that may have triggered your child’s asthma. Allergy skin tests are the gold standard in assessing allergens. Appropriate individualized treatment plans will be discussed to maximize your child’s asthma control and prevent airway remodeling that usually starts at an early age.

At Advanced Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Care, we serve patients in two locations: in Palm Beach County, we are in Jupiter/Abacoa and in Martin County, we have an office in Palm City.


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